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Can anyone here recommend some beginner to moderate Hiking trails in Virginia? Would appreciate any info from any of you that hike on what footwear is best and maybe gear info as well. Pretty much don't have any hiking gear or packs etc. Internet is loaded with info but would like to hear from some of you that hike etc and get your perspective on what works...

thanks in advance,

John ... pretty much any trail on and around the AT is pretty moderate. A really decent hike (if you don't mind crowds) is Humpback Rocks. But take the full loop. It's maybe 8-9 miles and the return is on the AT itself. We've been using that loop for training for our Peru trip. The park service has some great guides for a lot of trip, organized by difficulty. Let me see if I can find a web site or two.

Gear? Good boots. Go sit down at REI (or similar) and try on several. Break them in! Other gear --- light day pack and a water bladder. Hiking pole(s) really do help. Wicking socks with liners keep the hot spots at bay. Bring snacks, it will keep your energy up. Camera. Small first aid kit. For day trips, that's about it.

BTW - Cell phones now seem to work up there. So if you're a complete phone junkie ... :-( Or if you need help, I suppose. LOL!
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