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I think your work is just fine. I guess I assumed you were wiring a pair of 60s, which would pull more amps. Even so, the difference in voltage drop (the loss caused by the resistance of the wire)between 14 and 18 gauge is probably negligible and affects led lights less than halogens anyway...with 100 W halogens you can see the difference in the color and power of the beam if you go cheap on the size of the wire, and worse case you will melt it.

I personally prefer to stay at or larger than 14 for any additional auto wiring, but I have to admit it is mostly from old habits in dealing with larger loads and greater distances that tintops impose. There is something to be said for the thicker insulation that larger wire generally has, but if smaller wire is routed and secured the right way that becomes less of an issue.

An important point is that your wire needs to have enough current carrying capacity to blow the fuse you have installed. From your figures you have allowed for this. Many trailer homes are reduced to a pile of ash ( some would say this is an improvement) because they have very few outlet circuits, and fuses or breakers have been replaced with larger sizes to prevent nuisance tripping from a larger load than the wiring was designed to carry. In a well-designed circuit, the fuse will stop current flow before the colorful plastic falls off.

A fire on a bike is a scary thing. One of mine had flames coming from under the tank as I stood next to it at the gas station with the gas cap open and fuel filler hose in hand. It was an OEM starter solenoid that picked the least fortunate moment to melt down. No fuse between the battery and the solenoid meant that all the smoke got out and it quit working. Some cobbled together parts from NAPA got me going again and the only permanent damage was to my undershorts.

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Just got 'em mounted, wired, and properly aimed. Thanks for the wiring help guys.

Wow! What a difference they make! I'm definitely glad I went with the model 30s for extending my low beams out a bit. The tight pattern is just what I needed.
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