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I probably should have taken more pics, but the route's pretty familiar to me. I've probably got a pic of everry DS I've owned in this spot:

Chuck (left) and Tori on the face of Chumstick:

The obligatory 'Tori Fall Down' pic:

I've got a 'Chuck Fall Down' pic too, but it doesn't seem to have loaded..... maybe later. The Saturday night thunderstorm started several fires, one out by Dryden, one up Number 1 Canyon which (as of last night) had about 30 houses under evacuation orders, and (looks like) one in the Mission Creek/Devil's Gulch area. We might get FR7100/Mission Creek reopened if the FS has to get firefighters in. Good news, bad news.

I had a great time, should have stayed Friday night too I guess. Sunday was cloudy and damp, and most people had packed up and left by noon, which was when the sun came back out.


Shamelessly cribbed off the WABDR thread:
Originally Posted by ADVNCW View Post
WABDR will likely be affected this week by the fires.

Lightning Strikes Sept 8-9 Wenatchee Valley

Above Wenatchee No 1 and No 2 Cyn are burning, 179 homes on Level 3 evacuation, flames visible from town. On the drive home from work I saw flames perhaps above Sand Cr- for those who do not know that is between Cashmere and 9712 that goes through Haney Mdw. As well I heard of a fire north of Hwy 2 in Williams Canyon near Dryden- not far from Nahahum and Chumstick.

Hopefully the fire involves the roaded and logged areas and leaves the old growth in Devils Gulch, above 9712 and Tronsen Ridge untouched. I logged in Sand Cr on Longview land in the 80s, there is a lot of doghair timber up there. Talk of '94 makes me queasy! In '94 I was helping evacuate friends in Cashmere by the Fairground and looked up at fire coming down Brender. The fire ran in 4 hrs from Tumwater, over Icicle Ridge, through Icicle (10 homes burned) over Wedge and across 97 (13 homes- poof, and a guy I knew stood on his roof and saved his home using a garden hose) up and across and down into the drainages such as Brender. That night, after a day of moving friends from various parts of the County out of the way of fire, I stood in Leavenworth and watched the old growth torch off across Icicle Ridge, Snow Cr, etc...
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