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Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
Have you considered a cage behind the passenger area?
I've thought about it, I should say I've worried about not having it. With the tool boxes and the configuration of the seats it would be complicated to build a cage/partition. Best bet is not have any crashes. Or bring along many friends to sit behind me, in the event of a crash everything will hit them and their bodys will cushion the blow to me. The 5 bikes on the sides of the isle sit in Condor wheel chocks bolted to the floor. I haven't done it yet but I think I can fit 4 bikes in the isle. I have 1 free standing Condor wheel chock and I'm watching Craigslist for 3 more. All bikes get a 4 point tie down. Tool boxes are bolted to the wall and floor. Gear, tents, boots....................are stashed between the wall and the bikes, near the back of the bus. If I do have a crash I'm hoping the bikes will contain most of the items from flying/sliding forward.
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