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Originally Posted by RodT View Post
I started having problems with my vision and I developed tinitius ( ringing of the ears) , I have been quite fatigued most of the time, and some deep pain around my hip. So i talked to my family doctor, and he thought that with all the recalls and problems with MOM hips, that it would be a good idea to test for heavy metals. The blood tests confirmed that my cobalt level was 3 times normal and chromium was 5 times normal. As far as walking there is some pain once in a while but not steady. If I stand for a while it get very stiff, an it feels like a cramp around the sugerey area. ass it turns out metal poising from these metals causes the very problems I am having, at least thats what I have found on the internet. My hip surgeon is looking into it and is talking to a hemotoligst to find out how to deal with this. I post more when i know something. Rod

I have some of the things you've described, but I've always attributed them to my nasty, physical job. Looks like I might need to get some blood work done for peace of mind.
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