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I have this old skewl monty, I bought for the son a few years back... this is the photo from the guy I bought it from, they broke the white plastic seat off of it, replaced with a black one for now. it had the original hydraulic brakes, and they broke a lever off, so I couldnt ever find a stock lever, so now the rear brake was upgraded to a newer style from Magura? that has adjustable lever on that side.

I need to make me a bleed kit. so who is that guy on this board that fixes up these old bikes, I really want to talk to him about parts? thanks.

AteamNM, are you one I could get information from about Magura brakes? and Ill get more recent pictures tonight (if I dont forget) lol... I need the little either plastic or brass compression "ferrel?" When they fall off the bike, they rip the hoses loose from brakes or levers, so right now I removed it from "available to ride" status, becuase trying to get the brakes pumped up if I even had the ferrels, is a beyotch...

I tbought mine was about 84 era, has non round downtube to pedals, if you cannot tel from pictures... if that helps decide what year it might be?

thanks to all and anyone for any help or information.

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