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Been out of pocket several days…..back at Mission Control now. I'll try to catch up on all the questions & comments.

First, I'd like to just say "THANKS" to everyone who read this report and all the enthusiastic support. Its a lot of work to document this kind of trail and then load up all the photos and stuff. I enjoy doing it well enough….and I'm glad that others take a liking to it. I hope the effort added another piece to the puzzle, so to speak.

Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
It looks like you guys had a blast. I'd like to make a trip like that someday. Thanks for the great photos & RR.
Where's your next trip?
Good question Glenn, I've not decided yet. Still basking in my personal achievement…it feels real good. I've been wanting to return to Big Bend Ranch State Park. I have some unfinished business down there. Then maybe, head into Mexico for a while. I'd like that. But, there's still so much waiting to be seen right here in my own backyard. Hhhhmmm...decisions...decisions.....

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Great ride report! WHen I saw the first few pictures I thought "I'm never gonna ride the Rainbow, that looks too hard" The scenery and your ride report are so compelling I may have to add the Rainbow to my bucket list.

HighFive, you have at least 3 bikes in your stable. Can you give us the rational behind all your bikes? Of course I have a huge WR bias, but that 'berg sure is a pretty bike too. I think my next bike will be a tDub, but that's because I want to have an easy-to-ride bike for my children, wife and friends to come ride with me. We all have our reasons, I would just like to hear yours.
I've sifted thru numerous bikes over the years, and seemed to have settled on these three…..for a while anyway. They are known as Mobile, Agile, & Hostile. And they all love getting dirty. I doubt I'll have another "street only" motorcycle.

The F800GS is my long-haul pack mule. Passing speed, wind protection, and comfort…I can cover a lot of ground fast with very little fatigue. I think its the most favorite bike I've ever owned.

The WR250R is my short-haul pack mule. Faster than any posted speed limit, and capable of going ANYWHERE. I'll ride it near & far. I think its definitely the most favorite bike I've ever owned.

The Husaberg FE390 is my dream machine for the trails. Surprisingly decent on the road, but purpose built for the Rainbow. Its really what I bought it for. I've been on a narrow-minded mission for years. The Berg is hardcore….borderline eleven (on the scale of 10), for me. A serious single-track weapon. Its kind of like an Observed Trials bike with long legs and comfort. I am absolutely positively certain this is my most favorite bike that I've ever owned.

Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
Speaking of WR250R's, I don't understand why Yamaha chose to make them so heavy. The specs say 295 lbs (wet).
Stability on the road. You won't believe have smooth and stable this 250 is running 70 mph down the pavement, and carving thru the twisties. I think Yamaha was seeking a balance between both worlds. Quite possibly the best "true dualsport" ever made. Its not a plated dirtbike. Nor is it just another street bike that can get dirty. Its really something in between that is one of the most capable all-around dualsport bikes I've ever enjoyed owning. Fun on the road and fun on the trails. Master of neither. Its a good choice when you can only have ONE, and you want to play on both sides of the fence. Dirt bike fun with street bike maintenance and a 400 watt alternator (read "heated gear").

Originally Posted by what broke now View Post
Gets a little busy sometimes on the trail.


Great job guys! Thanks for taking the time.

I didn't see any mention of food cooked on a stick. Because HighFive has mastered that./QUOTE]

So much trail, so little time. I was too tired to think when we made camp. But, I dreamed about whittling a stick...

Originally Posted by Brown Dog View Post
1 Fine RR Guys

How many total miles is this Rainbow ?

How many days did it take you ?

As Cyborg mentioned, 100 miles over 3 days. But, we did ride up the road to the top of Hermit Pass. That was a 10 mile round trip…..and it should be part of everyone's Rainbow Ride. But, I reckon that would make the actual Trail about 90 miles if you deduct that from our total.

Interestingly, we never passed another rider along the whole trail for 3 days. The only other people we encountered out there were the Nat'l Forest workers clearing the trees. Sure glad we didn't run into the prison crew a few days later.


p.s. we have more stuff to add.....videos, tracks, etc. But, I needed a break. Will add more info soon. Keep an eye out.
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