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Originally Posted by rlkefauver View Post
My Angel Fire event was in the novice, having ridden dirt and street for 15 years I thought I would nail it, didn't realize how hard it is to ride a motorcycle slow. I hadn't sweated that much since I was 15 and had broke into my Dad's stash and was waiting for my punishment. I think I lost 10lbs and Larry and Sherry gave me a beer after my last section. It tasted sooo good even though I think it was a PBR, but it was ice cold.
Larry and Sherry were there this past weekend. Had a beer (or 10) with 'em around the campfire. GREAT to see those crazy kids again!

Originally Posted by rlkefauver View Post
f we don't make it up this weekend, we'll shoot for a San Ysidro event where I will have to ask someone for the gate combo again. I think I have 2 combo's for the gate, if they are still valid.
Neither of those old combo's are even close. We are in Roswell next month, then SanYo in November and December. Come on out!
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