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Well, we all made it back home safely, even Randy. We ended up leaving Jackson Hole on Friday August 31st at about 9:00 AM. I was all about taking the quickest route back to Oregon, but The Wizard and Sleepy thought it would be a good idea to head South with the Hollywood Boys until we hit Montpelier Idaho and then split off towards Pocatello and on to Oregon. It turned out to be a good call as it was very scenic. Plenty of small towns and diverse scenery. It added about 70 miles to our trip home.

We stopped for fuel in Montpelier and decided to get some water at the attached store. We left our bikes at the pumps and went inside. The gas station "handy man" decided now would be a good time to change the filter on the diesel pump that Sleepy's ST1300 was at. Note to handy man, shut off fuel valve BEFORE removing the filter! Needless to say, the handy man was covered head to toe with diesel, face and all. Sleepy's bike and helmet didn't fair much better. Covered in diesel! We washed it off with a hose as best we could. Kudos to Steve, I would have lit a match and sent that place to Hell, but Steve is good natured and while not happy, just moved on. Glad to have someone like this as my Boss with all the dumb stuff I do at work.

After splitting up with the Hollywood Boys, we headed towards Boise and they headed towards Salt Lake City. Neither of us stopped at these cities, as we still felt good. The Hollywood Boys hit rain South of Salt Lake and ended up in Bryce Canyon for the night.

The Godfather and Straightline at Bryce Canyon. Oh yea, guess who decide he would go to Cheyenne Wyoming instead of home. You guessed it, T-Rex. No support vehicle, no bags, no jacket, just a cell phone and the Rune. Right out of a Jack Reacher novel, WTH! He had made fun of my dayglo orange rain suit in Jackson. Well I guess he would have paid big bucks for it about 100 miles out of Jackson.

Jeff, Steve and I decided we would stop in Baker City Oregon for the night. We got to Baker City with plenty of daylight and still felt like riding.

The Baker City exit. Lets keep going!

We made a call to the Native American casino in Pendleton and they had a couple of rooms. We headed out and got there around 8:30 PM. We dodged quite a few deer over the pass into Pendleton. Hot 675 mile day, Whew!

We had great rooms at the casino but no place was open for dinner, so we just had snacks. Up in the morning, we decided we would fill up and get breakfast after riding a bit. We packed the bikes and heading off through the parking lot to the gas station. As we pull up to the pumps and start to put our credit cards in fuel pump, a Police Officer ask me for my lisence, registration and insurance card. I didn't know you needed this for fuel in Oregon, but maybe things had changed in the week I was gone. Actually, all three of us failed to stop at a stop sign that was kind of what we felt was a prt of the parking lot connecting the casino and fuel station. He took our information back to the car and came back and told us to ride safely. Very cool of him as we were clearly wrong in what we did. Thank goodness Randy wasn't with us with the moose warning on his record! We would have all been in the Tribal jail.

Pretty much an uneventful 200 mile ride into Portland from Pendleton. Amazingly fun trip with great people to enjoy it with.

Home! Washed up, oil changed and ready to go again. 2620 miles total for the 9 days.

Thanks for reading our blog.


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