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Scala G4 Comm Set Mod

i really should be doing important things like researching visas, planning waypoints, making contacts, learning spanish, etc... but this right now is of critical importance to me: modifying my scala G4 comm set so that it doesn't suck so much.

GISdood turned me onto an ADV inmate who is an electrical technician. she has a thread advertising her mod to bypass the hardwired earphones that come with the G4 so you can use your choice of earbuds.

but i'm going to see if she can perform this addition mod for me that i thought up during the last trip. in combination with the etymotic hf3 headset i just ordered, and etymotic's "awareness" iphone noise-isolation app (which will allow me to push outside ambient noise into my earbuds - great for talking to people outside my helmet), this should make for a pretty handy in-helmet audio system. also considering the final addition of belkin's bluetooth music receiver to make the helmet wireless again - depending on how the sound quality compares to the G4's native bluetooth...


hi eileen,

heard about you from a buddy on ADVrider.

i use my scala G4 in-helmet intercom set pretty much as designed when riding with a friend or passenger as a helmet to helmet comm set. it works fine for this. GPS connected via bluetooth seems to behave and cut into conversation as designed. however, when i'm riding alone, my main audio priority is using my iphone to listen to music (straight from my iphone to earbuds), and secondarily to listen to the bluetooth feed for the GPS (which i still sort of hear despite the earbuds). i don't use the MP3 button on the scala for listening to music via bluetooth, because as everyone knows, the GPS priority always cuts off the music and it doesn't start back up. this is supremely annoying! (not to mention the diminished quality of listening to music via bluetooth through the scala in the first place). i don't understand why one of these companies can get one of these headsets right... it doesn't seem that hard to me! anyway, so i was thinking of this the following modification to my scala G4 headset to:

1. get a hardwired AUX
2. a toggle to select for A) original function or B) AUX function
3. and finally, also bypassing the hardwired headphones that came with the set as you have done many times before.

thoughts? other ideas?


scala g4 modification idea? by porkandcorn, on Flickr


eileen's response (shortened) -

You are starting to think about these things and getting frustrated just like I did a couple of years ago. When riders start asking for more from their onboard audio than any of the helmet comms can accomodate they finally turn to a real wired onboard system so they can have all the possibilities and hear things the way they want them. You need to start looking into Autocom and Starcom, or even just a mixer you can put in your tankbag to combine everything (I've done that as well with a Mixit2).

I will tell you about my Mixit2 setup. I wired a tankbag for power with some doo dads I got from the Powerlet website. Such as grommets and connectors that screw onto holes through the bag to make them water resistant and permanent. USB power distribution so you can plug your ipod and phone into the bike power and not drain any batteries, as well as a power connection for the Mixit2 that will route and prioritize sound from GPS, iPod, radar detector, and your G4 (more on this later). You tuck the Mixit2 in an inner pocket in order to expose the connector for your earbuds and the volume control. You make a dual cable out of two of the coiled mp3 cords from Cardo and at the helmet end you replace one of the ends with a jack to plug the earbuds into (this one plugs into the Mixit2 output). The other cable plugs into the G4 modded clamp where the earbuds would normally go and runs the G4 output down to a mixed input in the mixer.

With this setup you can ride all day, hear and speak to your G4 buddies while you are also listening to your tunes, gps, and radar detector.

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