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Here are some more pics from the trip. These from Jeff's camera.

Randy really didn't have an idea that there was a rule against getting too close to a moose. Common sense may have suggested such, but when he was reprimanded by the Park Ranger, he was respectful and apologized. She was pretty cool about it. Makes for a great photo though. I wonder how the pictures he took came out.

We met Claire (in the forground and camo) at a bar in West Yellowstone. He had ridden to West Yellowstone in 3 days from Pennsylvania. The bartender wasn't quite sure if they took the Black American Express Card. They did. Oh! to be a Kardashian! We did see the best T-Shirt on the trip here. "West Yellowstone, a small drinking town with a big fishing problem".

This cleared the road of any bikes.

Just plain weird. Bubbling hot mud in Yellowstone.

Just plain pretty. Hot water in Yellowstone.

What the hell am I looking at? The geyser is where everyone else is looking. Maybe someone coming with ice cream? That would be better than Old Faithful.

Yeah baby! One of the reason you just can't stay mad at Worldwide.

The Goldwing dethroned! America's favorite new touring bike. How out of place is this at Craters of the Moon Idaho. I never really saw the front of this thing while riding, but I saw a whole lot of the tailpipe. Mad Max.

The Townhouse Motel Winnemucca Nevada. Clean and quiet. Recommended!

My nemesis. Everytime we passed a vehicle on the bikes, my Scala Rider would cry out "did the Raptor get by?" The Godfather was riding point and I was riding cleanup with the Raptor behind me be driven by the maniac Worldwide. Did it make it passed? Hell if I would have touched my brakes, Worlwide would have made me into road kill. Everytime I looked in my mirrors, all I could see was the "OR" from the FORD emblem in the grille. I was praying that Randy had spent just as much money to upgrade the brakes on the Raptor as he did on the engine. After realizing how stupid that thought was and that Worldwide wouldn't touch the brakes to avoid me anyway, I just quit looking in my mirrors. It was worse at night!

Guess who got seperated from the group about 100 miles back and shows up in the middle of the night at a gas station in Lovelock Nevada wearing a nice button down dinner shirt. Weird stuff happens in the desert.

Shangrila. One of the many decks at Randy's house. This is where morning coffee was enjoyed. Nice.

The view from one of the decks.

This where one of the 3 best things I have ever eaten came from. Blueberry crumble.....mmmmmm! My wife said to get the recipe and that stove for her and she will make it whenever I want it. Lotto ticket purchased. Thanks again Sue!

One of the AMG Brabus Mercedes waiting for me to steal it from the garage. That damn Rune is in the way and it looks to heavy to push.

Countless people have asked me, how do you stay in such great physical shape eating blueberry crumble, drinking mochas and eating steak everyday. Easy, I work out! Randy's private gym. This picture is from the middle of the gym, there are more contraptions behind me. Pretty awesome even to someone that avoids gyms like the plague. Do you realize how many mochas you could buy with what all this worthless iron cost? Note all the movie posters on the walls. Hey Randy, I don't think 300 was a Paramount film. Maybe something The Godfather should discuss with you. Just sayin'.

Me, Steve and Jeff cooling off.

Riding through Oregon

Randy and I decided to get our hair cut in Jackson Hole. We got the "what the hell is wrong with you guys" question from some of the guys. Of course most of them don't have hair so it was mostly jealousy. What would you rather do, spend another hour in the bar with Chickago John, Worldwide and the Godfather or have this young lady give you a shampoo with scalp massage and haircut. Duh! They don't really have Supercuts in Jackson Hole. Randy and I made the right choice.

Clearly the smartest man on the trip. Just had my haircut by Miss America and still made it to the bar.

Moonrise from the Idaho side of the Tetons.

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