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I've seen scooters without plates around here that were keeping up with traffic on a 45 mph road. The only scooters without plates should be those under 50cc. Maybe some were modified/de-restricted/big bore kits, maybe some were debadged higher displacement scooters. The point is - I am looking for a 50cc scooter that can go up to 50 mph if necessary. For example, the only way for me to even get to a road that has a 35 mph limit is to first travel on a 45 mph road for several miles. There is no other way at all. So I need something that will safely get me there without creating a moving roadblock. Aprilia SR 50 seems to fit the bill perfectly, but expensive and almost impossible to find used here. In this thread I wanted to get ideas about some other 50cc scooters that might work as well in this scenario. Sounds like Kymco Super 8/9 is something I can look at and they are easier to find used than the SR 50 and cheaper. I am new to the scooter scene as I usually commute by a motorcycle, but I figured this forum is a good place to start.
Check your state laws. The only reason 50 cc scooters get away with not having to get a plate is because they are only supposed to have a top speed of 35 mph. So even if you de-badge a bigger scoot and run it without plates, it might draw unwanted attention if you're cruising at 50 mph without a plate.

I have a 2005 Zuma 49cc 2 stroke and it is perfect for commuting to downtown Denver. But I only have to take roads with speed limits of 35mph to get there. Anything higher than that is seriously pushing it. I've taken 40 mph roads before but try not to. Especially around here where there are hills all over the place.
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