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European east side - URAL

In the year 2010 we had a little look att Russia and Randel wrote a ride report:

In 2010 we saw that Russia is a varied, huge and interesting country, it is never boring and we liked it
a lot. We (Raul, Anton, Kurisookaru and me) decided to visit it again. This time directly from Estonia
to the east ca 2500km over the Ural mountains. Our plan was to visit and to see a small villages in
the mountains, have a little chat with the locals, ride small or hard enduro roads, to see a different
building culture, to enjoy a different terrain (Estonia is a level/flat) and nature, to do all this very
economically and come back all together on this time
In short - we got all this!

We started our trip in the morning of 2nd of August at ca 5:30 AM. Our initial plan was to start at
7AM but my BMW r1200gs made some strange tricks and I had to repair it with Raul all night long
(gear indicator didn't show a neutral gear and motor wouldn't start!!). So we start our tirp a little
earlier and with no sleep whatsoever that night. Great start!!!
After some hours (200km ride + border crossing) the sun found us already in Russia.

There was a lot of bridge repairs, seems that 1/3 of bridges were in complete overhaul.

A little before sunset we stopped to buy a provisions and some beer of course
Visiting a village shop near the road:

There was enough alcohol, canned food and pasta

but the shelf for meat was almost empty.

After buying some stuff we took some kilometers away from the main road to rest

and to celebrate the start of our Russian trip

By virtue of the limited holiday and desire to see grand old Ural mountains we started moving early
and just sitting on the roads.

Intresting thing is that there was a lot of locals just sitting beside the road and selling something.
There was mushrooms, bilberries, apples, gherkins, tomatoes and so on and so on...

Regularily we took gasoline from Lukoil and truth is that gasoline in Russia is very good! But there
was some strange gas stations too. In some places there wasn`t any gasoline 95 and we had to use 92
– it was not so good and our single-cylinder (bmw 650gs) coughed a little. Even Kurisookaru (Tenere)
didn`t like it.

Motorcycle ride in Russia is a real joy, because gasoline is so cheap, only 27-29,50 RBL liter. It makes
about 0,7-0,75 eur for one litre! And that`s not all. In Estonia (our gasoline is a real shit) I can drive
with my r1200gs ca 300-320km with one tank fill, but with Russian gasoline I made 400-410km. It`s a
huge difference!!!
Russian roads are varied. Everything is fine or almost fine until suddenly there is no more asphalt, it`s
just gone for 300 meters or 3km! Car drivers try to find better ground and thus they drive in zigzags.
Trucks move ca 5km/h and trailers jump from right to left. No one cares about his machine and goes
as quickly as possible - and it`s funny to watch.

Here you can see the difference. Exactly in the middle of the road there's gravel mound and the
height of this is more than half of trucks wheel!!! Ca 50cm!!! Would you like to ride there with your
motorcycle in the dark?

OK, there wasn`t so much of these asphalt-gravel roads. It was much more intresting and yet uneasy
to drive along deep ruts in the asphalt, kind of like sailing, sweeping from side to side. Height
difference was a little more than a pack of cigarettes. Can you see a pack of Camel's on (or, actually,
IN) the road?

Beside the road there were interesting lables and signs. This one means GRANDMOTHER REGION

It was sad to see one serious accident. Looks like at least one person left this world.

On the evening we visited local market again. This time, while half of us were buying stuff, Raul kept
up friendship with locals. It was Friday and locals were celebrating something. We were interesting
group and they came to talk with us. Friendly people! They can`t believe that we drove there from
Estonia with motorcycles (ca 1300km).

On the evening when we found a place where to camp, my „gessu“ had a jubilee.

I belive an old motorcycle like my „gessu“ can already take a little vodka

On the morning, after quickly packing the camp and taking gasoline we hit the road again.

There was a interesting bike on the road.

Finally the monutains start and the road goes up and down. On the label: ATTENTION!! Dangerous
curves, reduce speed.

In the city of Perm we stopped to buy some fishing equipment, batteries and memory cards for the
cameras. There was one little sweet girl who looked us for a long time. What could she've been

After Perm we moved a little south, to the city of Kungur. There is an ICE CAVE. It`s an old mine and
today tourists can go down into the tunnels. Guide told us that air is so clean there that human can
live even 200 years old under there. There was absolutely no dust and the temperature was ca +4.

The water was very fresh and clean.

In the parking lot was a label:

It means ECOLOGICAL ZONE. Parking with the engine running is prohibited. Penalty 2000 RBL (ca
In the evening we found a greatest camp place ever! There was a warm river, trees and a little gravel
under our feet (it`s good when it's raining during the night - and it was, almost every night).

I sayd to others that this is so cool camping place, it just can't be true! Balance is everywhere in the
world, thats why I was afraid that there has to happen something unpleasant. After about 12 minutes
we got a unprecedented rain with thunder and hail. For ca 20 minutes it was like a war, thunders
were 7-8 seconds long and sitting in such a storm was absolutely surreal.

After a while thunder and hail moved on and a left us with just a little rain. Peace of cake

Now we can wash hands and start cooking

Carrot and potatoes take a long time and while waiting, we could wash ourselves – ggggggreat!!
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