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Starting the Show With Some Tunes

I have 11 days in a row off from work - I've arranged for a Friday, the following week, and the following Monday.
I've had a bad attitude lately at the job - I shouldn't, but I have.
I need the break.

What better way to start off a vacation ride than with some music?

I've got Joe Walsh to see Thursday night and Dave Matthews for Friday.

Thursday Night - I'm officially on Vacation - Joe Walsh

Doing the Pre Funk

Joe was great. My favorite songs were Funk 49 and Turned to Stone.

After the show I bash my knee against a truck's trailor hitch while cutting through the parking lot.
This is the same knee that has plagued me for 30 years with pain directly under the kneecap.
I stumble to the car and am reduced to writhing in agony - halfway in the driver's seat, half outside the car.
"This is not good - this is not good", I keep repeating.
Wonderful; six months of phyisical therapy shot down the tubes.

The shoulder no longer seems like an issue.
The knee is now the limiting factor - that proves to be true.
I'm still gonna ride.

Needless to say, I don't get out as early as planned Friday morning, but I do get out.
Time to go see Dave!

Home to the Gorge

Given the late sart, I blast down I-90 to the gorge.
I've got a ticket to camp overnight for the show.

Getting into the CG was an adventure doing the stop and crawl action in loose gravel with a long line of other Dave Heads.

The show was worth the effort, though. Anyone who's seen Dave knows what I mean.
3 hours of jamming.

Some folks didn't last 3 hours - like the guy I saw being carried away about half way through the show.
Dude, it's Dave - take it easy on the pre funk

Packed in Tight

People are packed in tight. And there's partying all through the night. I just want to sleep. Thank God for earplugs

Even so, couldn't help hearing the story of the girl in the tent next door who puked on a stranger's shoes and missed most of the show. The tent right behind me - 3 guys, 3 girls - I got to hear more than I wanted through the wee hours of the morning. The girls just kept talking and talking and talking.

Again - Packed in tight

The next morning just as I'm ready to take off one of the guys next door says something about getting on my bike to leave with me. I respond "I'm not sure if I have room for all of you, but you could try standing on the side luggage".

One of the girls says something to the guy about not talking so loud, but little miss barfy shoes turns bright red, realizing that I hear everything they say including 4:30 am pillow talk. Oops. Umm, what did you think? I'm 4 feet away.

I mount the steed and take off. Not too much pain right now. I'm hopeful.
Time to get this show on the road.

Next Post - Heading for Bend, OR.

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