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I used the excuse of a northern rally gathering to draw my sister across the border for a visit.
It worked!,,I did not spend much time with the miscreants, but I did get SweetSixty

on the back of a motosickle

for the first time in 40 years or so, and she LIKED IT!

thank you Direwoof

and that spangled drongo on the KLR

for attending to us!

Marcin & 1911fan,,
Thanks for putting this together, I'd have hung out and met more of you,,but I had such a good time seeing my sis after so many years,,we pissed the weekend away together,,and when we were out shopping, she found a Colt 1911 with laser sight,,clear plastic toy pistol that she wanted to buy for 1911 fan,,never having met him, and after my explaining the 1911 thing,,too funny!
but as you now know,,we did not make it back up the hill after the certain death warnings of fires and lightning strikes,,,,but the thought was there!
Anyhow,,thanks for having us to your area,,we had a good time!
Glad nobody got lit up,,what a show!
We worried about you ff's turning into a string of christmas lights,,flashing from tent to tent, only stopping at the tents without metal poles,,a total flash of melting aluminum and nylon across a span of imaginable lengths,,,
all seen and imagined,,,from the safety of the motel's covered entry way,,
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV

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