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Originally Posted by Bluebone View Post
now here's a RR i'll be anxiously awaiting!! hopefully by then i'll be caught up to the end of this thread. right now i'm only up to....well here. taking a long time to get thru this, but that's a good thing right?
Hey Bluebone! Glad you're enjoying the story so far. Unfortunately, that Alaska trip has been put on hold for a bit. And I'm missing out on Baja in a month with my Dad and bro. That sucks, but the time was now to start this little business venture. One of those "Fuck it, PUNCH IT!!!" moments in life (alluding towards past fuck it, punch it moments on the bike). My riding and writing will suffer greatly the next two years. But, I sincerely hope making the sacrifice now to get this company off the ground, will pay dividends for me in the future. Both in personal success and happiness, as well as the ability to take more time off once it becomes self sustaining.

I am most happy to hear that you are enjoying the thread. I had a lot of fun riding those miles. Keep reading!
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