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That deer is really well camouflaged.

It looks as grey as the tarmac.

Up here in Canada they are a tawny brown colour, and easier to see.

(Of course, impossible to know if I'm not just missing them entirely...but I doubt it)

They are also quite rare, certainly compared to what I hear from the Americans on ADVRIDER.

If I see one, I slow down to gawk, and mention it to friends later.

Hell, I've seen more Moose, Elk, Bison and Mountain Goats.

I've criscrossed this country Ad Mari Usque Ad Mari Usque Ad Mare all my life too, in cages and on bikes.

I asked a wildlife biologist about this a few years back; can't remember the underlying cause, but recall he said we actually

had a scarcity of deer for a while that was causing some kind of unnatural imbalance up here...

Kinda the opposite of what one would expect of our two countries, eh?

Glad you were unharmed.

Bon Appétit
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