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i continue to get many inquiries, primarily from Versys riders, about swapping in the DRZ400 49mm conventionals. the fork swap is easy, the wheel and brake setup also fairly easy, with the variables mainly revolving around wheel selection.

the photo of the 52mm to 49mm sleeves required to reduce the ID of the Versys lower clamp is way back in the thread, so here it is again. the sleeves are upside down in the photo, but you can see that a lip was left on the top so that the sleeve self aligns and self trims when placed in the clamp.

the sleeves are slotted top to bottom, with the slot aligned with the pinch slot on the clamp to achieve concentric clamping pressure, very important. the sleeves were set in the clamps with a few drops of Loctite cylinder sleeve locker.

the upper clamp was reduced from 50mm to 49mm with roll formed sheetmetal of the appropriate gauge and cut to size, only takes a few minutes, and was not glued in place.
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