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My surgeon had concerns about metal on metal four years ago when I had my "installation" done. He advised me to go with metal on "plastic" back then.

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l believe there are basically 3 types of total hip replacements:

1) metal ball - metal socket
2) ceramic ball - ceramic socket
3) metal ball - "plastic" socket

My surgeon used the "metal ball - plastic socket" type for the following reasons:

1) Ceramic on ceramic has been known to break and has a tendency to squeak.

2) Metal on metal is relatively new. It is believed that as the joint wears, metal isotopes will enter the blood stream. My surgeon advised me that I would have to have my blood monitored until such a time that the long term effects of this "foreign" metal was ascertained.

3) Went with metal (some sort of cobalt alloy I believe) ball and "plastic" socket. This joint has stood the test of time. Its failing in the past has been the durability/life expectancy of the plastic socket. My doctor told me the latest polymers used in the socket implanted in my hip should last 20 years if not my lifetime. I guess only time will tell.
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