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I blew up a Honda Reflex at 22k miles, but that was after the previous owner wrapped a tree, I fixed it, then neglected it for a year. It blew up after driving at redline 2-up on the highway for about 10 minutes. The drivetrain had been modified, I had put a really tall car tire on it to get more top speed, and it was about 2000 miles overdue for an oil change...

I was younger and stupider than I am now. Either way, the fact that that Reflex survived what I put it through was a miracle. I ended up trading the broken Reflex for a running Vino. The new owner managed to get the engine fixed (new top end, I think) and put another 10k miles on it before selling it again.

16k isn't high for a scooter, especially if its been taken care of. If the maintenance has been kept up with, the oil feels and smells good, and it runs well, I think it's worth it.
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