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Originally Posted by M1Tanker View Post
Well yesterday I bought a 8GB Class 4 HC µSD Card because that is what the PX had. After installing the µSD Card into the Zumo I went back into MyGarmin and ran the Garmin Map Updater v3.1.19 and selected Full Coverage of Europe. It asked me if I wanted to save it to the SD card and I did.

When the dowload was finally completed after hours I powered up the Zumo 660 outside. I again went through “Tools” then “Settings” then “Map” then “Map Info” stated that the following was installed:
- CN Europe NT 2013.20 3D
-- ALL
- CN Europe NT 2013.20 3D
- BMW Motorrad
--Worldwide v.7.00

I also verified my trip destination outside of Budapest and it was there with all the streets. I also panned to London and all of the streets were there.

Also, my computer indicates that the Zumo has 2.24GB free of 3.65GB and that the µSD Card has 4.78GB free of 7.41GB.

Thanks DRTBYK.

Hill Climber, I have yet to contact Garmin but I will when I return.

Glad you're up a running.

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