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Consider a Hennessy or eagle nest outfitters hammock, put a thermarest pad between your bag and the hammock and you'll sleep like a baby.

I'm an avid ultralight backpacker and hunter, I camp and hunt off my motorcycle. A hammock is a really good camping solution, it's lightweight (under 3 lbs) durable and above all else, comfortable! I did 6 days on foot last month and slept in a hammock every night, I never had any back problems from sleeping. If you're worried about rain there's a simple solution for that to. Run a line of cord between the tree's your hammock is attached to. Throw a tarp over the cord and stake the center and edges, voila you now have a rainfly.

If a hammock isn't feasible, I really like tarptent solutions. I like the contrail because it's just big enough and only weigh 1 1/2 lbs.

I'm probably going hunting from my bike this weekend, if some replacement gear shows up. I'll post pics of my set up and camp site when I get a chance. My longest trip so far with the hammock has been 13 days, I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up well rested and pain free. I actually prefer my hammock to my bed at home.

I've never tried those warbonnet hammocks, but the principal is the same and I'll bet you cash they are comfy. Are you camping off your bike or will you be doing some hiking?
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