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Originally Posted by Salvo View Post
" For hitting roads less traveled, and in particular ones that aren’t paved, none of the others can match the Yamaha Super Ténéré. It doesn’t shine on the street; it’s solid and comfortable but never thrilling. But if you envision in your future a scenario that includes 600 yards of mud and ruts on an isolated mountain pass at nightfall, this is your bike.
But most of us don’t actually end up in that scenario. Which is why the Multistrada was the number-one choice for all of our testers. It offers class-leading power, great suspension, awesome brakes, nimble handling and all-day comfort." - Cycle World - Adventure-Touring Comparison – The Asphalt Adventurers Aug 2012

Thats the thing, for guys like myself, most of our riding will be on the street, so the "best" Adv Tourer may be something like a Duc MS, or of keen interest now, the possibility of a Honda V4 CrossTourer?

It is interesting to note, however, that "Cycle World" did pick the Yamaha Super Ténéré over all others for "Best Adventure Bike" in their "Ten Best" list for 2012, where they said the following (page 49, Oct. 2012, Vol. 51, No. 10):

"There is no question that adventure bikes are hot. Early on it was a one pony show occupied by only BMW; but this segment, which is arguably motorcycling's most versatile, has grown dramatically in the past few years. So, it was due time to judge adventure bikes solely against their peers. It is only fitting, then, that one of the most well-rounded machines we've ever ridden should take the honors in the award's inaugural year: the Yamaha Super Ténéré. This 1200cc Twin makes a comfortable long-distance tourer, provides a commanding seating position for urban riding and performs quite well off-highway. Exacty what you need when you don't know what lies ahead."
Now that said, it's no secret that I don't place much credence in what any motorcycle magazine puts out... Take how the Yamaha FJR "won" the "Cycle World" sport touring comparison shootout for years against an unchanged Honda ST1300, then one year - *POOF* - the ST1300 suddenly "wins"!!!

What really matters is the Super Ténéré is a fantastic, quietly competent, wonderfully versatile motorcycle. Is it the "best" one for you? Only you can answer that...



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