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Originally Posted by toro618 View Post
So I have now joined you guys on the dark side....actually the fun side which I can't beleive I have missed out on for so many years.

So I am currently using my Sidi Crossfires (mx boots). How much more better would trials specific boots be for a beginner? I realize that my mx boots may be overkill, but should I just get new ones? I am loyal to Sidi so would get the Trial Zero Boots.

Thanks for any input
Flexibility is key. You can't move properly in the MX boots.

I went through the same thing last year. I went from my Sidi Crossfire MX boots to some old Sidi dual sport (street really) boots I had laying around before I finally ponied up the cash for some Alpinestars No-Stop trials boots. I've been very happy. They've got plenty of flexibility and enough protection to make me feel comfortable.

$$ well spent, IMO.

Where in NJ are you?
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