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Originally Posted by DrKayak View Post
The guy I bought my Trials bike from insisted I buy these old ratty trials boots from him for $75. He said you MUST have the right boots. I was getting such a good deal on the Techno I thought I would make him happy and got them.

After 6 months riding trials in trials boots I can not go back to riding my 450 in my Sidi boots. It's like riding with a cast on your foot. Rear brake control is a joke. For the technical single track I like, I now ride trail on my 450 in my trials boots too.
Only "warning" to give you and go fasters like you is, trials boots don't give much protection at speeds. Many reports on RMD about guys nearly losing toes on tree roots on trails while ripping down TST at 40 mph plus...

Heck I can wear trials boots and be comfortable more often than wearing my tennies... Half the time I forget I have them on, at camp... they are comfortable.

the TRIALS boots, to me they really are more like good leather work gloves, They're great for working you know around the house and garden, but I am not catching for major league baseball in them. MX boots really are more like catchers mits, they would not be worth a damn to be using a shovel or potting plants...

So MX boots turn out to be pretty limiting working the brakes while balancing at stand still, but are necessary when racing where you could catch a toe on something and really be hurt without all that stiffness in the MX boot.
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