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I made it!

Made it home last night at 1am, My adventure continued when my alternator died in Little Rock, ARK. I luckily made it to an O'reilley's that had a replacement and I had my tools with me to swap it it out, less than hour and I was back on the road. Thanks to everyone that was on the trip, I enjoyed everyone's company and felt safe and secure as long as I had my rape whistle close by. ref(TOM). I learned so much and my riding skills improved tremendously over the week. Special thanks to John and Matt for planning a superb trip that introduced me to adventure riding and the wonderful state of Colorado. I'd also like to thank Wild Bill and Terry for hanging out and helping me get my bike finished the day before we left, Tom for keeping a smile on my face with his light and upbeat personality, Scott it was a blast trying to keep up with that monster KTM and it sucked pushing that beast back up on the trail (still looks like you're in the clear, no pics so it didn't happen right) Later, I'm still tired from driving all day for 11 days my trip clocked in right under 4K miles total I almost drove around my city just to roll over 4K on the GPS but drove straight home and dove into bed instead.
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