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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The quest for all of these individual "state championships" is hurting attendence more than anyone will ackowledge.

Guys sandbagging in a class all year to win something instead of moving out of that class intimidates anyone that has even remotely thought about moving into that class.

Why come out and ride amateur (or novice, or anything) when there is a career amateur hanging out there just to win a title.

Back in the days of MX we used to give points for each podium finish and when you had a certain amount of points, you moved up! Period.

This allowed the newer riders a chance to fill those slots and actually win something.

Not many riders will continue to come out and get beat by the same guys year after year with little to no chace of ever placing.

I feel fortunate that the guys and the class that I am in now is very competitive and no one is bagging it. We also usually have one of the largest classes.

I do realize that some guys shoot themselves in the foot by not practicing and then coming to the events only to get whupped up on.

BTW, some of the first events of last year had 17 riders in Clubman. WTF happened to all of those guys?
We do need to do something about the downward trend. I have only been in the club a short time and it is really noticeable.

Is the relative difficulty scaring away guys? It sure does seem as though the skill leve required to be in a certain class has moved up. I started in INT and it certainly wasn't then what the INT riders are riding now.

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