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Yeah, 16k is NOTHING. I'm approaching 20k on my '98 Helix, and aside from normal maintenance stuff, it's needed nothing unusual. At 16k, I recommend the following (assuming you have no history, or this stuff hasn't been done)

(I) = Inspect. (R) = Replace

Belt (R)

Sliders/Rollers (R)

Engine Oil (R) (Use full synthetic; any will do, and this has no wet clutch, so you can use automotive synthetic oil)

Final drive oil (R)
Brakes (I)

Brake fluid (R)

Tires (I)
Valve clearance (I)

Coolant (R) (Remember; only use Honda coolant, or silicate-free equivalent)

Also check for any obvious oil leaks, rust (indicating it was ridden in the rain or early in the season, when salt is still on the roads).
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