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Originally Posted by Bronco638 View Post
Thanks for the replies Dave. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those pivot images.
Bronco -

Here are three photos that I hope are helpful to you with an explanation with each.

Viewed from the top, looking down onto top of footpeg brackets - left side of bike / shifter side. The centerstand in this photo is in the "up" or "travel" position. Note the tab on the centerstand leg that rests on the center [middle] polished cap screw of the footpeg bracket. This is the "stop" for the centerstand in the travel ["up"] position & is held in place due to spring force.

Here [photo below] is the centerstand in the deployed or "down" position. Note the tab at the top of the centerstand leg; that when in the travel position rests against the middle cap screw as the "stop" for the centerstand. You can see some slight "scuffing" of the tab where it rests against the stop / cap screw.

Here is the last photo from underneath the bike showing the orange / red arrow pointing to the centerstand leg on the shifter side of the bike. Also note - in an arc to the upper right - where the centerstand leg apparently impacts the frame tube slightly. Note the two round-ish points where the two hit or rub a little.

Hope that helps. If you need some other photos from different angles, let me know and I will try to get you what you need.

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