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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post

Why come out and ride amateur (or novice, or anything) when there is a career amateur hanging out there just to win a title.

Back in the days of MX we used to give points for each podium finish and when you had a certain amount of points, you moved up! Period.
The variable here is that the track stays the same in MX. Move up a class in trials and things get harder/scarier.

This allowed the newer riders a chance to fill those slots and actually win something.

Not many riders will continue to come out and get beat by the same guys year after year with little to no chace of ever placing.

Is the relative difficulty scaring away guys? It sure does seem as though the skill leve required to be in a certain class has moved up. I started in INT and it certainly wasn't then what the INT riders are riding now.
I've given this all some thought as a relatively new rider. My main competition this year and last has been older guys who are moving back down as they age. Maybe the sections are getting harder too - I don't have enough time in it to say. I can't fault them for wanting to move down, and the organization I ride with is small and doesn't have any senior classes. What they do have for the vintage guys is Master classes. Win two titles (was one until this year) in any class and you must move to Masters. This lets guys who are comfortable on a certain line compete with each other and moves them out of the way so the new blood has a chance. Unfortunately, they don't do this for modern riders - it's primarily a vintage organization.

There's also a rider or two who I think should move up, but the rules don't make them. They're not coming to enough events to win championships. Ultimately, if the rules allow it and it's the class that they find fun, I can't find any fault.

It looks like I'll win a championship in my class this year. I'm not quite ready to move up at this point, and I don't know that I will be by the start of next season. Maybe, but after sitting out six weeks due to a broken rib this season, I don't feel much need to push. The plastic trophies and paychecks don't change if I move up. Fortunately, the organization offers an "exhibition" class which will allow me to ride different lines in different sections so that I can ease into the next class. It's a no-points, no-championships, just-for-fun class. I'm looking forward to it.
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