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Originally Posted by tortoise2 View Post
More states legislatures should consider the Virginia proposal:
"Operation of mopeds is prohibited on any highway where the posted speed limit is in excess of 35 miles per hour."

This stipulation would limit 50cc moped operation to more compatible traffic, negate the incentive for engine performance enhancements, and (in states that do not require a rear plate) maintain easy-to-spot moped enforcement . . observed on an over 35mph road, no rear plate, fair game.

Related Nevada report.
OK, so like I said - the only way for me to even get to a 35 mph road is to first travel on a 45 mph road for a couple of miles. If I get pulled over on a 45 mph road on a 50 cc scooter I guess I get a ticket under this proposal even though there is no other way to get to the 35 mph road?

Well, if I have to get a scooter that needs to be registered, plated and inspected each year and which I can't park anywhere I want (sidewalk, bike rack like a 50cc) then there is absolutely no reason for me to get one. Might as well continue to ride downtown on my 1985 Honda Nighthawk 650 with an antique plate on it, which makes it exempt from paying registration fees and having to get it inspected every year. I was really considering a scooter... but it does not make sense based on a lot of comments in this thread... oh well.
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