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That tempting.

I've had thoughts about selling my Big Ruck and buying one...amazing how low the price is. I could sell the BR, buy the PCX, and have about $1800 in walking-around money. AND a new scoot, more economical.

But I probably won't. First, because this is the wrong time to sell; even though the local dealer has a PCX on the floor.

Second, because the BR is one of few two-wheeled Asian machines that has room enough for me. And with that...I'm a big guy, and me on the PCX would look like an elephant riding a peanut!

And with it...the glowing performance reports by the buff books are probably overstated. Top speed was probably done with the lightest, smallest rider...and I need to be able to do 65.

Finally....the PCX, while it looks clean, is just one more Asian scooter in appearance. The BR is unique.

So...take it all together...I probably won't do a swap.

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