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Originally Posted by The Game View Post
Sorry for getting your hopes up everyone

It would be nice to have an actually decent, full sized, fully equipped adventure bike in the sub $15k range... Are there any others being speculated soon to come? I'm hoping that maybe with the arrival of the R1250GS the R1200GS price will go down a bit to be more competitive? Because I know they said they'll be selling both at the same time.

I really do like the little V-Strom 650 Adventure, but haven't seen a matching top box and am not sure how well it would do on cross country interstates with a guy like me (6'0" 180 pounds) on it.

My old 650 hauled me all over the southeast and some of the Great Plains for 40k miles. I ranged from 205-240lb during that time. It even carried me and the wife on a couple of weekend trips. I think you'll be fine at 180lb...

I'm not saying there aren't lots of viable reasons to go with something bigger (obviously, I did...). Just that going cross country on the interstates shouldn't be the reason.

EDIT: I see you're currently on a ZX-10... A 650 Strom will feel like it's going backwards compared to that.
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