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Originally Posted by Ben99r1 View Post
Where in the hell do you find a 99 with 3500 miles on it? In a couple of years when you want to try something new keep me in mind. I wouldn't mind being a owner of a 99. I have always like the front shields of the early years.
I called the dealer I bought my TE 449 from asking about 990 Adventures. The sales manager wanted to know why I wanted that. I told him about the range annoying me. He then told me he might entertain selling his personal 640A. It was owned by two people before me. Both were employed at dealers and the bike just had stuff bolted onto it and ridden rarely. The engine hasn't been messed with at all. The airbox is still stock.

Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
vacuum pump/brake bleeder is nice if you have one, but if you had one, you probably would have already thought of that.

BTW, you probably know this, but the oil level is read off of the dipstick after it's been screwed all the way in- so your oil probably about 5/8" or 3/4" too full.
I finally got around to reading the manual and figured that out. Thanks though.

Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez View Post
Get somebody to lend a hand to spot you so the meter reader doesn't find a dried up dead body next month with a KTM laying on top of him.


I damn near had the bike leaning on the gas tank to get the oil to come out. As mentioned above it was over 1/2" too high. Reading the oil change procedure I can understand why. I'm surprised I don't have to spin around four times and clap my hands twice with all the shit that goes into an oil change.
2013 KTM 690 Duke w/ performance cam, airbox, and Akrapovic full system. 300lbs and 74.5rwhp

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