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more training to get ready for the rest of enduro season. on labor day, I rode trail #6 at Foresthill OHV with some buddies from work. the trail kicked our ass. here are some vids from the trail:

the first 2/3 were a little challenging, but not bad. it's the last part that was bad. it's a 15 mile loop that took us 5hrs. most of the time was spent on mile 10 to mil 11, of really technical uphill stuff. a video of my buddy attempting one of the obstacle:

I'll have to go back and improve my lap time...

last weekend another buddy of mine and I went to Georgetown OHV. we rode for several hours without mishaps. we rode a variety of trails including some gnarly technical section of trail #1. I was wearing a heart rate monitor to get an idea of how my conditioning is going, but I accidentally cleared the stats...

the chain on my xr200r who has been on "one more ride" status for the last 3-4 rides is now finally done. some of the rollers have come off and only the pin remains... most likely, this was the factory original O-ring chain from honda. since the bike sat for a long time outside, the O-rings had deteriorated on my first long ride and it wore quickly after that.

. I have new sprockets and chain ready to be installed.

I had swapped some xr400r forks on my xr350r. however, I didn't have a front wheel so I tried a xr650l wheel, which fits, but the brake doesn't match up with the calipers that I recently got. since I'm not likely to get a xr400r wheel before the end of the month, I installed the xr650l forks, which will still be a vast improvement over the original xr350r forks. having some trouble bleeding the brakes, maybe the master brake cylinder needs a rebuild.
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