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I have some of these shelves from Lowes also. You may find that you have to reinforce the way the front and back cross-members are tied together. I have plywood on top instead of the wire that you have. What I have found is that under load the cross-members can twist a little and sag. For me the shelf that this was most apparent was loaded down with dirt bike tires and two sets of spare wheels. This wasn't overloading the shelf according to the spec but was still causing the cross-member to sag a little.

I found that these type of shelves were perfect for storing a bike under and still being able to use the space above for storage. I have a '48 FLH that I do not get around to riding very often and keep it parked under this type of shelving.

- Ken

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industrial shelving from Lowes (on sale) two wooden benches made of very heavy composite press board. The other steel table will show up this weekend.
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