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Originally Posted by 9Dave View Post

Be careful when you are looking for one. The units have changed over time. I'm not sure that they are all backward/forward compatible.
True. The puck for the street pilot series and 478 is different than the puck for the zumo.

Now... Anyone have a first generation sirrius radio? Remember the size of the antenna? That one was completely waterproof and had the same stuff in it as the Garmin pucks.

To some degree it makes sense, why build in the receiver to the units when you can put in the puck and make it a very high priced option. That's how it worked with the Street Pilots, if you wanted XM on your 2820 buy the puck.

Fast forward to today where they include the puck with the 665 and a nifty motorcycle mount as well, but if you want to set up your 665 to easily go from bike to bike with music it's going to cost around $250. I said fuck it and only have the XM on the primary bike.
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