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Originally Posted by LCNMRIDER View Post
I got away with a pair of police boots that I purchased at local store for a short time while I saved the money to buy a good pair of trials boots. They actually worked better than I expected. Not saying that I recommend them but they were much better than my MX boots.
Its some "all about" needs, I know. I mean I borrow old bats and gloves from the 70's/80's (school days) "stash" if I go play softball, because Im not into it that much. I also know looking at everyone else's gloves, & aluminum bats, that I'm handicapping myself (new gloves size of a bushel basket, and SOFT, whoot), where mine looked like a PeeWee glove.

But Trials, I'm INTO it, so I buy the stuff just so I don't pre-handicap myself with equipment that we already know doesnt lend itself to the task... like my glove analogy.
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