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Originally Posted by P B G View Post
He was a wise man.

I recently started teaching my girlfriend to shoot using the aformentioned gun.

Here is the first round fired.

And every other round fired is the same. A center hit.

Pointless teaching other systems before a good ghost ring. Wastes your time and their energy.
I agree. Maybe that's why the military has used that style of sight.....maybe not a true ghost ring, but a receiver/peep sight so same basic principle, for the past century or longer. Just look 'through' the aperture and forget about it, focus on the front sight, line it up with the target, and bang. Works damned well.....assuming decent eyesight.

OTOH, my girlfriend doesn't like a peep. For some odd reason, she likes a standard buckhorn iron sight on a rifle. She'd done some shooting and hunting before I knew her, so has acquired some habits and preferences. I tried through several range sessions last year to convince her, and to demonstrate, the error of her ways, but I'm sure you can imagine how that might have gone.....
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