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Originally Posted by spezjag View Post
Wow - why no Miller? It seemed that there was a real synergy in having the race there. Maybe somebody is backing up the money truck to draw WSBK away from SLC.
It's simple: Miller couldn't sell enough tickets. SLC doesn't have a large pool of racing enthusiasts to draw from and the nearest population centers are all considerable distances away. And, IMHO, once you are there you are faced with what has to be one of the worst spectator tracks yet devised; I had photo credentials and hated the place.

Laguna is a good place for spectators, not to mention traveling motorcyclists. I have my doubts about how nice the new Austin track will be (being a ground-up design for modern F1 is a major impediment to good spectating) but it's not surprising WSBK would be looking at it.

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