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While I realize that this thread is about precision shooting, and what I am about to discuss is not exactly consistent with that topic, I do feel it is interesting to discuss sights and their applications.

In any discussion of iron sights the choice is basically between some sort of peep or aperture sight, and an 'open' or buckhorn style sight. I think that most of us will agree that better precision can be had with a peep sight of some sort. However, for dangerous game at close range I believe that the preferred sight is not a scope, and not a peep, not even a ghost ring, but a large front bead, gold or, nowadays, perhaps a fiber optic, and a shallow V rear sight. That is the type that has been used for dangerous African game for more than a century and is probably the best choice. On this continent, I think for a shotgun or rifle being carried as protection against Old Ephraim, a shallow V and a bright visible bead is the optimal combo for close-range snap-shooting.

Maybe this belongs in the best bear gun thread.....
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