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OK, I have been riding and maintaining motorcycles and small displacement scooters for over 35 years. Now due to a disability I am considering getting a maxi scooter. I have been doing a lot of research, and they all seem to be a maintenance nightmare, especially doing the valves. I have done the valves on several 16 valve sportbikes, and thought it was a PITA. But it is beginning to look like a breeze compared to a maxi scooter. I definitely want to stay with Japanese for parts availability. I am considering the Silverwing, Majesty, and Burgman 400 and 650. I will be buying used, so the T-Max is out of my price range. I have found several nice examples of the scooters above for $6500 or less, with under 10,000 miles on them. Can anyone tell me the valve adjustment intervals and procedure on a Silverwing?
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