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The New World II.3 Vancouver People

After 4 days of camping we manage to gather our stuff quite slowly. It is amazing how fast you get out of being efficient with packing (not that we ever were too efficient). Still, today we have in front of us an interesting road. “Man, take the road to Kaslo. It’s number 2 in Canada for driving” several people told us at the meeting. Well I do not know how number 1 is but oh my God road number 2 was so great! I do not think the bike was up straight more than a few minutes the hole way. The rest of the time it was just leaning to the right or to the left, following the winding road. And we were not the only ones to know about this roate… A quick look in the mirrors:
The road becomes crowded quite fast and the few cars that were also there are kind enough to let us pass. I soon find out that I am too slow for the speed bikes and corner carvers so, all loaded up and quite slow I find other partners to ride with. A few dozens of them:
Gunnar is quickly addopted in the cruisers pack and we ride together.
We go on towards a small town called Nelson and we part ways. They are looking for a camping site, we have to continue on riding as Collen, our host, was expecting us. The green mountain forests give way to the yellowish hills
We are tempted to stay more at Colleens but we were already behind with time. We say good bye and continue our journey through farms, cows and horses set in an idyllic landscape.
We feel that we are in Montana. And we are in fact very close to the border with the U.S. But we are not going there yet. First we go to Vancouver. Starting the day late means you will probably finish it late and true enough, by the time we reach the outskirts of the city the sun was playing was playing with the High Voltage Power line.
It is strange how initially we weren’t even thinking of going to Vancouver (not to mention we didn’t knew anybody there) and we ended up visiting the city and the Vancouver Island where so many wonderful people reached out to us. We got also the chance to meet some of them
Traian and Mihaela host us for a few nights and we get to rest and also to share ideas about common plans. If all goes well, Traian will leave for South America as well, only he will use something a little different, with 4WD and rugged looks. Two different machines, made to chase the same dream!
Then we moved on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo. We met Kev in Nakusp. Even though he knew us only for 2 days, he invited us to stay with his family and then spend the better part of day working together with me on Gunnar.
Cleaning filters, improving the luggage sidecases latches and the most importantly, managing to to eliminate two oil leaks ( engine oil and fork oil) that Gunnar started to have. Both of the problems were “human error” and hopefully now they are fixed for good. I also get to learn a lot of tricks of what to do in order not to “push the bike” if the thing goes bad on you on the side of the road. Again, information that I hope to never have to apply but which it is good to know.
Kev’s friend Mark, who just changed his Vstrom for a GS1200 (we all do sometimes crazy irrational things right Mark? ), donated us the headlight grill that should protect Gunnar’s “eyes” from now on. I am not sure if we will ever be in a situation that will put the grill to work but for sure the bike looks much more “bad ass” now! Thank you Mark!
We leave from Kev’s family in Nanaimo feeling that we leave old friends

We would have stayed some more but we had to rush back to the mainland for… a wedding. Back in Romania, some dear friends got married on 1st of September and we missed the wedding as we were very far away. But then Chif and Ana which whom we stayed in our first night in Vancouver told us that they are going to get married on 2nd of September. And so it seems some things fall into place in life. We miss a wedding back home but we have the chance to take part in a Romanian wedding in Vancouver. And so we did.
Best wishes Ana and Chif
After the ceremony we gather our gear and head for the boarder, departing Canada for the last time in this trip. Thank you Canada! You’ve been wonderful!
Next time we get lost on the back roads of Washington State and eventually we find our way to a hot springs retreat!
We are exploring the New World
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