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Pissed Day 12, Rock me like a Hurricane

Up and Atom to the Super 8 Ball breakfast of powdered eggs. I see a few outlaw biker guys there, I avoid eye contact but I am dressed in my Klim jersey so they ask me about my bike. Nice enough folks to me but hoping they didn't shiv me with a toothbrush for riding a metric bike. I see them again later and they have a chopper in the back of a truck with Buddhist religious symbols or perhaps more likely Nazi Swastikas. Ahhh Super 8 ball where the cultures come together.

Time for a ride so I pick out some random route to avoid the freeways and go through beautiful farmland and cool small towns.

I land in Walla Walla and learn that a massive storm with hail is coming through, think I will stay here for a while.

Storm passes and its early I cant hang around in Walla Walla so F it Ill push on home to Portland.

Brilliant idea... I will take HWY 14 on the Washington side through the Columbia River Gorge home( those who know about the wind here know I am not exaggerating) . Hello wind, nice to meet you I am new to riding I haven't experienced what its like to ride in a hurricane yet so can you assist me with my continuing motorcycle education.

I believe it was 75 MPH gust but I am no meteorologist could have been less. You know those Motorcycle use extreme caution signs, well they were blown all the way flat on the ground. Wanted a picture but I was scared to stop.

This was really scary bad with a few times feeling like I was going to be put on the ground having to pull over to catch my breath riding sideways. I felt my helmet shifting sideways on my head. This was stupid I was going to be blown into the other lane at some point not to mention I could barely maintain 55 much less the suggested 75 MPH I should have been lower down in the gorge on I -84 but no way to get off HWY 14.

I eventually stop in a cafe and there were several workers there who had been sent home because the wind was to bad at the job sites. Back on the bike and cross the bridge to Biggs Junction. I fill up my 3 gallon tank with yup 3.076 Gallons! Lucky I didn't run out of gas on the bridge coming across! I had been getting 200 miles a tank the whole trip and I was at 140 miles, Head wind = massive fuel economy drop, the education continues.

I push to Hood River and the wind stops, smooth sailing back to Portland where I get home safe and sound.

Never will I go ride the Gorge without first checking wind reports.

428 miles, another long day

So to recap, about 3500 miles and amazing amazing trip. Awaiting me at home is my toilet seat sent to me from Klim. No real issues and to answer the big bike question I was asked by several folks. I was glad I had my bike hundreds of times and wish I had a bigger bike a few times. I am no BigWan or Radek or other legends of the 990 so until I hone my skills the 250 will do me just fine. On a side note one month later inspired by LittleWan amazing ride reports I flew to Utah and bought an 09 Weestrom so me and my lady can go 2up, but on pavement and fire roads for steps folks. Thanks for watching, stay tuned as I just finished the WBCDR; Holy cow that was bad ace. Been riding since May and have over 7000 miles on the WR and another 2000 on the Strom. Thats it , I hope somebody pulls something useful from this or was mildly entertained. I have been super grateful for all the post on ADVrider as I learn my way around bikes. I never realized how much work people put into posting these things; they take forever to do.
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