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Finally our trip track, now it`s easier to step with us J

Track link:
Ok, lets go on.
Next morning we started moving north again. One tank in Solikamsk.

A few days ago man near Perm told us that Vishera is a very good river for fishing. Of course we wanted to fish and decided to go there. There is a little village soon after after a Krasnovishersk named Kolchim. Nice bridge was there J

We decided to camp few kilometers from Kolchim village, directly on the bank of the river. There were table and even two chairs and a sign which said HOLD YOUR FOREST FROM THE FIRE!.

This was the northenest camp in our trip. Antons bike engine didn't run too good and he tried to find the problem.

Raul and Kurisookaru helped him. Because there were already a three specialist crew over the Anton`s bike I went fishing.

As usual, I got nothing and we had to make pasta for dinner.

After this our way goes south again. Sitting on the saddle, watchingsmall citys beside the road. There are a lot of different citys (different kind of natural resources - mining or powerstation, citys with lots of power lines) in the Ural mountains.

Strange was, that on this city walks a cows, just on the main road!

We found a little road from the map that goes over the Ural mountains. Locals said that it`s very hard and maybe we even cant`t go over there. It was like a dream for us, because we really like hard enduro! Fine, we turned to the left and GOOO! At first everything was normal until one old forsaken mining village.

After the village was road already promising

There was a little water or a dry mud.

Some bridges were not in theyr best condition.

The road narrowed.

And got more and more difficult.

There was a lot of places where water had washed through the road.

After some hours it was already dark, we had wet legs and were very very tired. So tired that a bigger rock or some tree down the water made a stop and you just can`t hold the motorcycle.

Wanted to wash ourselves, but there wasn`t suitable river in sight. Finally we decided to camp in the first possible place. Quickly made a fire to get warm and put on new dry socks.

There was a tiny old house. Because of tiredness me and Raul decided (we normally sleep in one tent) to sleep there At night I woke up because there was some strange voice. It was water what falling to the Raul sleeping-bag looks like the roof wasn`t too waterproof!! We moved a little and slept some more hours. In the daylight reason for water was clear, there were holes in the roof.

From inside this mountain manor was luxurious

On the morning Kurisookaru changed the front tire...

... and I tried to fish again. No fish like usual.

OK, let`s move on and we are on the „road“ again.

There was a lot of small rivers and no bridges of course.

I`m so glad that I put the snorkel, because some times rear wheel was 100% under the water (17 inches!!).

God thank you really really!!!

Our way was a rocky and it rattled us through and through.

It shook our heavy encumbered motorcycles even so well that Raul r800gs backwheel bearings broke. Great! On the mountains and the first possibility (maybe) to buy new bearings are more than 100km away. OK, what to do, get the old one off the wheel and try to find something from the first village ~45minute away.

Raul and Kurisookaru stayed in the mountains, me and Anton went to find the bearings. 500 meters before village we met locals who told as that there is no bearings on this village!!!

Few hundred meters before the village there was heap of garbage (different kinds of unnessecary things was both side of the path) and it was`nt something new. Same was almost before any small village. The village was really terrible, only old and decomposed timber houses. Seriously I didn`t belive that we can get something from there, but... ... we got it! OK, it wasn`t new, it wasn`t without cluck but we got something and we can get out from the forest JUHUUUUUUU!!!!
After replacing the bearing it was already evening, so we decided to camp beside the little mountain rivulet.

It was so good to finally wash ourselves, water was fresh and soft.

Next day we start early and wanted to go directly to the Karpinsk to find new bearings. It was raining in the night and the water found a easy way to go down the mountains – down the road.

The road to Karpinsk was OK (gravel-sand-rocks) and there could do 70-100km/h, but there were sharp protruding rocks.

So after 40km we need one little tire repair.

Raul bought new bearings in Karpinsk from unbeliveable carshop, there were present absolutely all parts for GAZ, UAZ, URAL, ZIL, MAZ and KAMAZ.

Funny thing was that three bearings and two simmerling cost only 140 RBL!! 5-6 days ago we bought a watermelon and it cost 150 RBL, unreal price settings!

After bearings change Raul found a nail from tire. Let`s press the tire from the wheel and repair..

Finally we were on the road again. When we took some gas one interesting man came to have a little chat. He was some kind of nature man and he told us that somewhere there are nice nature and a waterwall where we can put our tents up. He was nice old man and we decided to find this waterwall, only 70km – piece of cake

But we didn't have a map for this region jet. So we tried to find the waterfall, but failed. We tried different roads but all of them went smaller and harder until finally there was a dead end.

After the trip Anton said that we were on this evening very very close to the death mountains.
So, we turned back because it was already late again and put up the camp on the side of the river.

Picture from the camp on the morning.

It was a Saturday morning, we decided to go see the civilisation. Already in the winter we planned to go to beautiful city Jekaterinburg. It was a long way to drive but what to do The way wasn`t boring again, because there was some strange road repair method and we had to be very carefull to stay a live. For about 40 km ashpalt was cut from placeces (10-40 meters in length) with almost no marking or warning. Ok, there were some sticks, but absolutely no official red-white marking.

Beside the road there were already some cars that were broken, because drives just didn`t see this „repair area“. Of course we drove over the continuous centerline and in the opposite direction lane. If you have destroyed kilometeres for some hours, it can happen thad you need a toilet. We are lucky, there was a toilet beside the road. There on the left, marked with T

The interior of it was so terrible that I gained an inner strength not to go to the toilet for two days!

Some picture from villages beside the road.

One interesting sign was again beside the road, meaning: DAD, DO NOT DRINK (alcohol of course).

to be continue ...
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