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Originally Posted by lifer View Post
The PCX is a nice scooter but it still falls short. The drawbacks I see are that there is no ABS brakes available and 14 in. tires are expensive and there are few choices. It also needs a windshield that will actually do something for you. The Windshield can be fixed with aftermarket but untile ABS and the tire situation are fixed I would not purchase a new PCX. The valve adjustment situation is not a good selling point either but I could live with it if it had the other things corrected.
There are no small scooters (new) available in the US with ABS that I know of. There is only one small motorcycle available with ABS(CBR250). It is possible to ride safely without ABS. I would be more concerned about the linked brakes that come on the PCX. Personally I wouldn't even want ABS on a small lightweight scooter. I might think differently if I lived somewhere that got a lot of rain and/or had slippery roads but here in the US there are few choices unless you get a maxi scooter or a mid sized or larger motorcycle.

As more PCXs are sold, I'm sure some more 14" tires will become available and the price will likely come down.
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