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Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
I have one of the many rat bikes described in this forum. Its a ninja 650 dualsport with a dirt front end grafted on. My rake angle is about 33 degrees and my trail is 5 1/4 inches. Do you see anything inherently wrong with those values? The bike seems to perform ok for me offroad but i haven't really pushed it either. Fire and ATV roads are the goal.

I read Foale's article on trail experiments where is was said that 27 degrees rake and 3 1/2 inches trail was the norm but not necessarily written in stone.

I like the 21 inch front tire but i could reduce the rake a bit if i dropped the triple clamps down the fork.

Other possibilities are finding forks with more spindle offset to reduce the trail.

as more angle and more trail, the greater the distance between the front wheel hub to streeting stem. it also gives greater amplitude lower frequency when it virbe, wobble you may call it
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