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I make it to Pueblo and the rear looks like this:

The front, with the same mileage, looks new (because it is):

I need food and hit the quickest place I see for a filet-o-fish. I walk out of the restaurant to see a pre-teen run away from the bike as his friend across the parking lot is yelling something, most likely a warning that I'm coming outside. I ride away and the shifter feels distinctly vague and unright. Looks like junior used it for a footpeg and broke it. On a Sunday in the middle of Labor Day weekend.

Thus far, the trip is not the stuff of fantasy but it's okay. These are just a couple of burbles.

I post a troll for some assistance in the Rockies regional forum and get to slapping some Water Weld (similar to JB Weld) on it..

The road to Hell is paved...
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