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Question Sertao vs KLR

Originally Posted by Barman View Post
430 pounds!
It's a rebadged KLR.

it is quite heavy, but actually works well
I have put 7000 miles on mine since May and get 65 to 70 mph every time. That is about 20 to 30 mph more than KLR's get. I guess that is why I don't need a supersized gas tank. Get about 200 miles on a tank.
So we I paid about $2300 more than a KLR
what do you get
Fuel injection
BMW owner
Adjustable rear suspension at turn of a dial
Tourtech add on's to make it a real adventure tour bike
Tank under the seat
Heated hand grips
Wired already for heated clothing plug
Catalatic converter, might be good for the work
Sure it is an entry level BMW GS but sure does look cool, rides well on an off road.
Does cost more than a KLR, resale value will be much higher if I ever want to sell the beast.
Tough decision, I almost bought a KLR.
I will let you know if I still like the bike after a 100,000 miles.

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