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Why does anyone care? The Multistrada ISN'T an offroad bike, never has been, never will be, was never marketed as one. Doesn't multistrada mean "many roads"? And that to me is paved roads, gravel roads and forestry roads. NOT two track or single track. And yes you can ride any damn bike you care to down any gravel road. I put a lot of gravel miles on my Kawasaki MeanStreak cruiser. Was it enjoyable? Not really. Add a few more inches of suspension travel and all of a sudden that road can be fun. That's the point, not whether the Multi will hang with a WR250 offroad.
I saw a very interesting bike lying on its side on one of the switchbacks on Cinnamon Pass and it turned out to be a brand new Pikes Peak. Guy ran out of momentum and fell straight over. Bike was very messed up. Plastic shit hanging off....
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